Mueller Agreement

The Mueller Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Mueller Agreement is a term that has been making headlines in recent years due to the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election. It refers to the agreement reached between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump`s campaign.

What is the Mueller Agreement?

The Mueller Agreement is a plea deal that Paul Manafort reached with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in September 2018, after being charged with a number of federal crimes, including money laundering and tax fraud. In exchange for pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy and cooperating with investigators in the Russia probe, Manafort received a reduced sentence of 7.5 years in prison, instead of the 10-year maximum penalty.

What does it mean for the Russia probe?

The Mueller Agreement was seen as a significant development in the Russia probe, as it was the first time that a senior member of the Trump campaign had agreed to cooperate with investigators. Manafort`s cooperation was expected to provide valuable information about the inner workings of the campaign and any possible collusion with Russia.

However, there were also concerns that Manafort`s cooperation could be limited due to his past work as a political consultant for pro-Russian parties in Ukraine. In fact, Mueller`s team eventually accused Manafort of lying to them and breaking the terms of the plea agreement, which led to the agreement being voided in February 2019 and Manafort receiving a longer sentence.

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